Drunk Driving Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

If you’ve been accused of drunk driving in Grand Rapids, MI, you need a drunk driving lawyer. Michigan has strict laws about drunk driving, BAC (blood alcohol content) tests, and the penalties that arise after a guilty sentence, so to ensure you stay on the right side of the law as much as possible, contact us today.


If You Operate a Passenger Vehicle

Everyone who drives in Michigan is expected to comply with any requested sobriety or BAC tests under Michigan’s Implied Consent Law. If you refused to submit to the test when asked, the officer may have destroyed your license and given you a 625g permit to drive until your case is heard.

If you want to appeal this license suspension, you need a lawyer on your side. We’ll work hard to ensure that justice is served in your favor, doing whatever we can to get your case appealed so you don’t lose the privilege to drive for a year after your case is resolved.


If You Operate a Commercial Vehicle

CDL drivers need to take extra care not to drive while under the influence of alcohol. In addition to the safety dangers it represents both to drivers and those around them, CDL drivers can have their license suspended for one to three years or revoked for a minimum of ten years, depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge and the number of past offenses.

Plus, if you’re a CDL driver, you won’t be able to do your job for 24 hours, starting immediately, if you refuse to take a preliminary breath test, if you consume alcohol within four hours of or while operating a commercial vehicle, or if your BAC is too high.

If you’ve found yourself with charges relating to driving drunk, whether you are a CDL driver or a passenger driver, you need a drunk driving attorney to help reduce your sentence or prove your innocence. Call Mark Caldwell Attorney at Law at (616) 915-6576 to learn more.