Driver’s License Restoration

Driver’s License Restoration

Learn how Grand Rapids premiere Driver’s License Restoration Lawyer can Help you Get Back on the Road

You can restore your driver’s license in Michigan within one to five years from your last OWI conviction. The process involves completing detailed paperwork, letters of support, a lab report, and a hearing with the Secretary of State. Any errors in your application can result in denial, and you won’t be able to reapply for restoration for one year. An experienced driver’s license restoration attorney significantly improves your chances of successful license restoration.

Benefits of Driver’s License Restoration

Getting your driver’s license back sooner gives you:

  • Independence to drive where you want, when you want
  • Transportation to work, school, family events, and social outings
  • Increased employment opportunities
  • A better sense of self
  • Peace of mind

How Attorney Mark Caldwell Can Help with Driver’s License Restoration

Mark Caldwell is an experienced DUI lawyer who will ensure you have a strong case for getting your driver’s license back. The driver’s license restoration process can be complex. That’s why he simplifies the steps and ensures you have all the supporting evidence you need.

Here’s how Attorney Mark Caldwell helps clients restore their driver’s licenses:


Creates a Personalized Plan

He details a step-by-step plan for license restoration and timeline.

Collects and Submits Application Materials

Mark Caldwell helps you obtain your driving record, file paperwork, and complete critical steps such as a substance abuse evaluation.

Gathers Evidence

He puts together documentation that proves you have quit drinking, have a system in place to keep you from drinking, and a willingness to follow the law. Mark ensures you have strong letters of support from family, friends, and community for your case.

Conducts Mock Interview

He prepares you for your hearing so you can put your best foot forward and be ready for every question from the judge.
Mark Caldwell - Experience

Attends the Hearing

Mark attends your hearing with you at the Michigan Secretary of State. He’ll represent you, present the necessary facts and paperwork, and ensure you have the best chance of restoring your license.

Mark Caldwell specializes in winning driver’s license restoration appeals for Michigan residents with multiple DUI convictions. He also secures clearances of Michigan holds if you’ve relocated outside of Michigan, enabling you to obtain or renew a driver’s license in your new state.

By consulting with Mark Caldwell, you receive strategic counsel and best-in-class representation. He’ll help you get your driver’s license and independence back as soon as possible.

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