DUI Attorney in Grand Rapids, MI

If you have been arrested for or charged with driving under the influence, you might need a DUI attorney regardless of if you are guilty or not. Contact Mark Caldwell Attorney at Law about your case at any time of day or night in Grand Rapids, MI.

If You Are Innocent

If you are innocent of a DUI charge, you need someone to help you prove it. You may have taken a medicine or eaten something that gave you a false positive on your BAC (blood alcohol content) test, for example, but without a lawyer to argue your case, you may not be able to prove that.

At Mark Caldwell Attorney at Law, we’ll look at the circumstances of your police contact, the field sobriety tests you should have taken, and the methods the police officer used to collect your samples for the BAC test, along with the reason for those results. We’ll work hard to convince judge and jury that you are not guilty and that you don’t deserve any unjust penalties.

If You Are Guilty

On the other hand, if you’re guilty, a DUI lawyer can work to have your sentence reduced. On your first offense, a good lawyer may be able to keep you out of jail entirely, and on a second offense, your lawyer can argue that you should receive the minimum penalty of only five days in jail.

The difference between the minimum and the maximum penalties for operating a vehicle while intoxicated amounts to thousands of dollars and multiple years of imprisonment for a third offense within ten years. If you’ve already had DUI charges twice in the past 10 years, you need a lawyer.

At Mark Caldwell Attorney at Law, we pride ourselves on the attention we give to our clients. We keep things confidential, and we work hard for you. Contact us to learn more.